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Having Puppy Trouble at Home?

Well look no further, Ipswich Family Veterinary Clinic and Craig A Murray Dog School have teamed up and bring you the best of the best of puppy preschool classes!

Craig A Murray Dog School is a family based business that has been operating for over 20 years. They aim to provide everyone with quality services and enhance the relationship between dog and owner. Puppy School is the foundation to having a well socialized and highly adaptable family pet that copes with the majoyrity of new situations and environments that it will encounter throughout its life.

Puppy school is also as much for the owner as it is for the puppy. If we can give you sound training techniques from the start of your relationship, you will enjoy the relationship with your puppy as it grows into an adult dog as you will have set good boundaries for the dog to understand therefore having a well rounded nicely behaved family pet. 

Come along to one of our puppy preschool classes and let us teach you the skills needed to have a long lasting and loving relationship with your pup. You dont have to be cruel to set some rules, you just need to know how to shape nice behaviour in your new puppy so that you dont struggle as the puppy starts to mature.

Call our clinic and speak to our Practice Manager Kymberly to apply or head on over to Craig A Murray Dog School Website http://www.dogschool.com.au/Public-Registration-pg24349.html

Alternatively you can speak to our wonderful puppy trainer on the phone, just call Katrina on 0431 696 866 or email her on katrina@dogschool.com.au

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