In-house Diagnostics

Our practice is equipped with advanced in-house Pathology, Haematology, Digital Radiography, Ultrasonography and Ophthalmology equipment to allow us to make a much quicker and more accurate diagnosis when we examine your pet.

Having this modern diagnostic equipment within the clinic helps us provide your pets with a rapid diagnosis or investigation of their condition, so you can be sure your pet is in the best hands while they are at our practice.

Why do pets need blood test?

Unlike us humans, our beloved pets are not able to tell us that they are feeling unwell in anyway. Ipswich Family Veterinary Clinic recommends a complete health check every 6 months to make sure there aren't any under lining concerns happening. Although sometimes physical examinations are not enough to completely check how our loved ones are functioning through their internal organs. Our veterinarians are then able to utilise our in-house pathology and be able to accurately diagnose problems and illnesses in out pets.

If you're wondering, blood tests look at the function of the body's organs, the immune system and the activity, maintanance or progress of a disease process. The most common organs that are tested are the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. We can get an indication of any damage or future damager that could possibly be causing harm or issues for your pet. We also test enzymes, the red and white blood cells and much much more. These tests are processed in as little as 10 minutes time!

Ipswich Family Veterinary Clinic highly recommends for those older animals (nearly seven years and up) to have a yearly screening to be done, incase any developing conditions have started to occur in a short period of time.

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