Lets face it we all love going to get pampered and also enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while we're at it!

Here are Ipswich Family Veterinary Clinic we know this feeling all to well and so will your pet if you have them groomed at our clinic. Remember we can always change our clothes, go into aircon and have a nice cool shower to cool down but unfortunately not all pets have that type of luxury or able to do these things, so have their fur groomed down for the hotter times and keep them fresh and clean in the cooler times!


We have an experienced and expert pet groomer who will take care of all your pets beauty and hygiene needs! 
Call our Clinic and book in your pampered pooch for a well-deserved hydrobath, they'll be sure to enjoy it.

Grooming Price List

Small Dog Groom  $ 50.00
Small Dog Bath and Blow Dry Only  $ 40.00

Medium Dog Groom  $ 70.00
Medium Dog Bath and Blow Dry Only  $ 60.00

Large Dog Groom  $ 90.00
Large Dog Bath and Blow Dry Only  $ 80.00


Cat Groom with Bath and Blow Dry  $ 90.00 
Cat Groom without Bath and Blow Dry  $ 80.00
(All Cat grooms are performed under sedation)

When having more then one pooch done on the same day, We will take off $10.00 for every 2nd plus pets being groomed!

If your pet is a bit of a wriggler then we possibly will need to perform a sedation on your pet. All pets under sedation are monitored by a Veterinary Nurse while grooming is being performed.

Light Sedation for Dogs  $ 25.00 Extra
Full Sedation for Dogs  $ 65.00 Extra

Mated Fur  $ 10.00 Extra

Fleas  $ 5.00 Extra 
(If your pet presents with fleas our Veterinary Nurse will dispense a Capstar to them at the time)

Scissoring Styles  $ 10.00 Extra

Ear Clean/ Ears Plucked  $ 5.00 Extra

Anal Glands Expression  $ 10.00 – 20.00 Extra (Performed by a Veterinarian)

Your pet will not only get love and affection from our staff but they will also as part of their groom, have a health check done by our wonderful Veterinary Nurses, Nails Trimmed, Cologne Basked, and a Goodie Treat to take home, for being such a wonderful groomee!


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