Have you ever wondered why your pet’s breath smells so bad? Many people just think it's “normal” for animals to have bad breath. The truth is that the cause of the bad smell is due to the plaque build up on their teeth, leading to an overgrowth of bacteria in their mouths. This can eventually leads to severe dental disease. Approximately 80% of pets have some form of dental disease usually by the age of four years old. 

You should be keeping a close eye on your pets dental hygiene. Other clinical signs include plaque and tartar build up, reddened gums or gingivitis, excessive salivation, chattering teeth and having difficulty eating their food or favouring one side of the mouth. There have been documented research to show that adequate and frequent dental care can add up to four years to your pets life. Good oral hygiene is also important to the health of major organs as your pet ages. Plaque can build up very quickly so regular check-ups are important in maintaining oral health.

Ipswich Family Veterinary Clinic offer the highest quality of care in your pets dental care, we have similiar equipment that you would find at a human dentist clinic. When your pet is having a full dental scale and polish done, this is done under a general anaesthetic. We thoroughly examin your pets teeth, gums and mouth in this time, and we ensure that your pet will be completely comfortable throughout their dental procedure.

We like to be able to show you the difference in your pets teeth, so we may take a before and after photo and if you're really lucky if your pet unfortunately needs some teeth removed, we'll even show you this!

Remember that it is extremely important that you keep up to date with your pets routine dental examination. Ipswich Family Veterinary Clinic, offers FREE Dental Examinations, so next time you think your pet has a bit of bad odour from their mouth or have any concerns at all, come on in to the Ipswich Family Veterinary Clinic and let us have a look at your pet's smiley teeth. Our staff will even give you a run down of a few home tips to work on with your loved one.

Come in any time and have a chat with one of our veterinary nurses to see what is the best way to prevent all those nasty habbits in your pets mouth!

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